Mistaken Identity

A unique looking creature with a big mouth and yellow skin.

An original artwork by Lanesome Mistaken Identity © 2018.

This artwork is called Mistaken Identity simply because it was created from a mistake. In fact, some of it's best qualitlies highlight that mistake. Originally this was to be a simple light painting that was done behind printable acetate. The acetate had the word Lanesome on it, but I accidentally lit only some of the letters and not the whole word. The error was a result of me not setting a long enough exposure time in my camera settings. To finish the piece I relied on my creativity and digital art sklls.

I think it is important to know that it is possible to turn mistakes around. Sometimes things do not go as planned, but if you persevere the results might be better than you had ever hoped. My resulting artwork in this example is one of a kind. My Lanesome watermark has been added to help protect my copyright. Prints that I sell do not have the watermark.

Lanesome is a pseudonym I have been using for the last few years to share my experimental and light painting photography as well as some of my digital artworks.

If you would like to purchase prints or if you would like to dicuss my Lanesome photography and digital art please contact me here: Enquiries.