Live Performance

The acrylic painting called Live Performance

Original acrylic painting by Ronnie McInnes Live Performance © 2014.

Acrylic paint on stretched canvas. Unframed, size 18 inches x 22 inches. Price £325 including UK p&p. Prints are also available. To buy, get in touch by mailing me here: Sales.

Shipping info can be found here: Shipping.

This painting features me playing my guitar to a blank wall. I use the painting to ask a number of questions about talent. I actually play guitar and at one point haphazardly tried to become a musician. But I suffer too many self confidence issues to have enabled myself to succeed. But, when I play I forget everything (occasionally I even forget what I'm meant to be playing) and drift into some kind of zone. Nothing exists but the music. The notes say something I can't utter aloud. All my feelings pour through my fingers into the guitar and out through the sound hole. It's almost like a dream, a meditation that eases my soul.

At one point I cared about who was there to hear my music, but after all that, truthfully, I only play for me and my walls.

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