Rain and Steam

An acrylic painting titled Rain and Steam

Original acrylic painting by Ronnie McInnes Rain and Steam © 2013.

Acrylic paint on stretched canvas. Unframed, size 20 inches x 24 inches. Price £350 including UK p&p. Prints are also available. To buy, get in touch by mailing me here: Sales.

Shipping info can be found here: Shipping.

I have created three paintings of robots (so far) and this is the third one. Like in the other two pieces I used the idea of a technological creation which displays human characteristics. This time however I took inspiration from the Steampunk style. The robot leans back with his palms and face towards the sky in order to feel the raindrops. The little badge on the back of his head reads "I Feel".

Part of this painting was displayed in a music video and the entire painting was on the inside album art sleeve from a German-based rock band.

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