The Boxer

An acrylic painting called The Boxer

Original acrylic painting by Ronnie McInnes The Boxer © 2015.

Acrylic paint on stretched canvas. Unframed (framing can be arranged at an extra cost), size 16 inches x 20 inches. Price £180 including UK p&p. Prints are available. To buy, get in touch by mailing me here: Sales.

Shipping info can be found here: Shipping.

The Boxer is a little different than what you might expect to see from the name. The protagonist is goading the viewer with his hands. He wears a metal helmet, vambraces and (some bits of) fingers. His knuckles are not covered in metal as to add to the danger of this particular sport. The protagonist says "Punch the face if you dare".

This was a quick painting for me at just over 13 hours of actual painting time, so the details are pretty loose. My friend Iain was present with his camera during the whole process. He created a timelapse video of the whole process and that can be seen here: Timelapse Video.

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