The Little Guitar Player

An acrylic painting called The Little Guitar Player

Original acrylic painting by Ronnie McInnes The Little Guitar Player © 2013.

Acrylic paint on stretched canvas. Unframed, size 16 inches x 20 inches. Price £300 including UK p&p. Prints are also for sale. To buy, get in touch by mailing me here: Sales.

Shipping info can be found here: Shipping.

This was an idea that, by that time, I had been wanting to work on for a while. Inspired and modelled by my youngest daughter, she would often drag her guitar around our home and proceed to bash it into walls, floors, door frames and pretty much anything else that was in the way. She would drag it from room to room in order to have a little play of the guitar. However, she has since damaged it (no surprise really). The background was originally meant to be quite plain. But as I progressed, the background took a life of it's own and became a bit of an experiment in lighting. I also sneaked in my favourite wood pattern to the thresholds of the doors.

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